Why can’t we be more like Google?

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Here’s a link to a blog post on innovation that I wrote for PMP News (Pharmaceutical and Medical Packaging): Why Can’t We Be More Like Google? It’s easy to find out how Google innovates – just Google it. Google’s Chief Social Evangelist Gopi Kallayil reveals nine principles for innovation:

1. Innovation comes from anywhere.
2. Focus on the user.
3. Aim to be ten times better.
4. Bet on technical insights.
5. Ship and iterate.
6. Give employees 20 percent time.
7. Default to open processes.
8. Fail well.
9. Have a mission that matters.

Nine simple, but extremely difficult, steps. There’s more in the PMP link above. For Kallayil’s complete 58-minute talk, click here: YouTube: Google’s 9 Principles for Innovation.

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