Unwound: Fishman’s “Fluence” guitar pickup – my article in Premier Guitar

Premier Guitar Fluence article pg1 200W

The team at Fishman Acoustic Amplification goes electric – developing Fluence, a pickup system that does away with traditional copper coil windings, instead “printing” windings for super-consistant results. Between that, their method for controlling the pull of the magnets, and equalizing the output signal, they have managed to consistently replicate the sounds coming from best pickups they could find. In addition, cable length and guitar volume have no affect on the tone – while eliminating hum! This is a radical departure from traditional guitar pickups, and the first true innovation in the 80 years since George Beauchamp developed the first electric guitar pickup for Rickenbacker. The article, my third for Premier Guitar magazine, is out in this month’s (Feb 2014) issue.

In addition to the print version the article can be seen online here: Unwound: Fishman Rethinks the Electric Guitar Pickup


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