Pythagoras in Nashville – TEDxDrexelU videos are on YouTube




Videos for the TEDxDrexelU conference have been posted on YouTube (my talk included.)

TEDxDrexelU videos on YouTube

I need to thank several people who assisted in my presentation. The super-nice slide guitar photos were used by permission of Randall Douglas. Randall is based in Minnesota – check his website for more nice photos – musicians, and others.

Randall Douglas’s photography website

Thanks also to Nashville legend Charlie McCoy for permission to use his photo. Charlie’s website is here:

Charlie McCoy’s website

Chas Williams was also a big help – I referenced his book, The Nashville Number System, quite a bit in my talk. And with Chas’ permission, used several images from the book. Definitely look into his book if you’re a fan of music and information.

Chas Williams / The Nashville Number System

Lots of great presentations that day. Thanks to everyone involved.


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