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Over the last few months I’ve been writing a series of blogs for Medical Packaging Innovation. My posts are here: MPI: Dan Formosa. The site is new, just started up earlier this year. Some lively discussions are going on. For my topics, the definition of “technology” elicited quite a bit of discussion (is it “technology” if no one can use it?) Or whether your product is male or female (the product itself, not the people using it – that thought seemed to cause confusion for a few people.)

If you get a chance check out all the posts on the site – some great people are blogging there. Comments are closed here on my site (been getting too much spam, need to fix that), but when you get to the MPI site, leave comments!

May 21 2104 Update: Medical Packaging Innovation has been rechristened, becoming Medical Packaging Community. My posts are scattered throughout the pages. To find them faster you can try searching Google with:
“dan formosa site:”


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