Death of the Supermarket, or Why I Never Buy Sugar-free Jell-O. HOW Design Live, Atlanta

HOW 2016_Dan_IMG_3710_sm

The HOW Design Live conference took place in in Atlanta this year. I participated in a double-session with a few other members of the  SVA Masters in Branding faculty. With me were Debbie Millman (hosting the double-session discussions), Sem Devillart, Tom Guarriello and Richard Shear. Our topic: Death of the Supermarket. My topic – Why I Never Buy Sugar-free Jell-O. The quick answer – because my supermarket feels obligated to let me know it costs $45 a pound. The longer answer – supermarkets aren’t nearly as relevant as other entities in our lives. Based on their own descriptions, many consider themselves to be less about the food business, and more about shipping and stock. Which made sense in the distant past, because it’s how they came to be – but many have failed to evolve. They are suffering for it, including the 156 year old Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company (a.k.a. A&P), who met its demise last year.

Apparently this is a hot topic – our session went on for two straight hours, the room was packed, and I don’t think anyone left! If you attended, thanks for coming. Hope to continue the conversation.

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