Baseball Field Guide: Third Edition

Baseball Field Guide cover 3rd Ed_

Ever try to read the Official Rules of Major League Baseball’s Official Baseball Rules? As America’s sport, it is probably the most important, yet worst written document in the US. No kidding! For more than a hundred years it has been added to and patched together by committees that rarely meet. Writing styles vary sentence by sentence. Archaic rules are maintained. Terms are inconsistent. The diagrams are far and few between – and those that are included aren’t great.

The concept for the book is simple – design it like a field guide. See a play, want to know the rule? The book is designed to let you look up rules as quickly as possible.

We completely updated this third, 2016 edition – re-writing and re-arranging every rule, using plain English and placing them in an easy-to-find format. Wherever possible topics begin and end on a single page or a double-page spread, with minimum page-flipping required. We created lots of clearly laid out illustrations. Even the table of contents is designed to provide instant answers where possible. 

Baseball Field Guide_pg58|59 pitching spread

Since it’s introduction in 2006 the Baseball Field Guide has been on several best seller lists. It’s been receiving great reviews ever since, and this third edition is the best yet. The book has its own website – It can also be seen (and purchased) at Amazon.