Bangladesh Brand Forum Seminar, April 18 2015: Rethinking Marketing

Bangladesh Brand Forum banner


On April 18 I’ll be speaking at the Bangladesh Brand Forum’s Rethinking Marketing seminar in Dhaka.

From the BBF site: “2015 is a critical year for Bangladesh. On the one hand, the year, unfortunately, started with major political conflict which is still affecting businesses and their projected growth. On the other hand, philosophy of marketing is being reinvented – due to the influence of digital and increased engagement of consumers and people. The exponential growth of online activities – from adopting a smartphone to opening a social media page to buying and selling online – Bangladesh is seeing a growth of consumer activities like never before. During such a challenging yet opportune time, the focus for every business is delivering sustainable growth. And that growth is only feasible when the businesses and brands are designed around people, when marketing is outside-in.