Raw for the Oceans wins Grand Prix at Cannes Lions

Screenshot 2014-06-24 11.35.34 Did I mention the award winners at Cannes Lions last week? We awarded the Grand Prix to G-Star Raw “Raw For The Oceans,” a clothing collection using a form of denim made from recycled plastic found in the ocean. G-Star Raw created it in collaboration with Pharrell Williams and Bionic Yarn. Other winners were Samsung’s “Food Showcase” refrigerator, Samsung’s “Galaxy Core Advance,” “Central Park Conservancy Receptacles” by Landor Associates New York,“Freedom Candles” for Amnesty International by Ogilvy & Mather London, Kano’s “Kano Kit” by MAP London, Not Impossible Labs’ “Project Daniel,” LELOi AB’s Ora Personal Massager, and Nest’s Learning Thermostat.

They can all be seen on Fast Company’s page: G-Star Raw “Raw For The Oceans” Wins Product Design Grand Prix At Cannes.


Inside the First-Ever Product Design Jury at Cannes


Here’s my article in AdAge, discussing the Cannes Lions jury gig. Lots of great designs were entered. Unfortunately, many suffered from a poor entry submission. They made the mistake of trying to sell us their products, rather than tell us about their designs. Or tell us why they deserve a design award. Still, a great showing for the Cannes Lions Product Design Award program’s inaugural year.

AdAge article



Cannes Lions

Cannes Lions photo

Just returned from the Cannes Lions festival in France. While this 61 year old program has historically been focused on advertising, this year marks the first time they have included a “product design” category in the program. My thoughts on why this makes sense – because big companies no longer own the media. We don’t buy things according to what companies tell us. It’s not the ads or marketing campaigns that represent the brand, the best that can do is boast their intent. But it’s the actual products and services that define the brand. And since we (as in “we the people”) now control the media, it’s our own messages that we refer to when making a purchase, buy-in decision, decision to join or to donate.


The turnout for the product design program was pretty good – approximately 200 entries in many different categories. And interesting selection for the jurors – talking cat collars to flying cars. Of the 200 entries, we were encouraged by the organizers to limit to awards to around seven. That included seven “Lions” and one Grand Prix.” Final selections involved some triage.