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pmpnews_logoThe way we work obviously has a tremendous effect on what we ultimately produce. Yet many of us – designers, engineers and other members of product and package development teams – can fall into a work routine that in itself may be ready for a redesign. On that note, here’s a link to a blog post I wrote for the PMP News site (Pharmaceutical and Medical Packaging News). The post points to a YouTube video of Steve Jobs, from 1997, with a discussion that is still very relevant! Check out his “working backwards” quote, well into the video and just beyond the 52:00 mark.

Apple / Steve Jobs video, 1997

Working Backwards, PMP News

2014 New York Design Awards

2014 New York Design Awards logo

Happy to be on the jury for the 2014 New York Design Awards. Congratulations to all the winners at the award ceremony held at Steelcase last night. To get to the site and see the 2014 winners of the award, click here. This is the first year this program has been held in New York, and the response, judging from the number of entries, was great. Especially interesting was the wide range of entries. And the range of people and companies who entered – from start-ups to mega-corporations.