Design and Emotion Conference Workshop, London – September 11–14




Agnete Enga and I will be running a workshop at the Design & Emotion conference in London. This year’s theme – Out of Control. The conference runs from September 11–14.

The topic of our workshop: Relationship Counseling. Specifically, the workshop will delve into the topic of design and females, and how a brand relationship differs little from a personal relationship. We’ll be discussing what females are searching for. (Males too, although females are more interesting, more demanding, spend a lot more money – and their desires are less fulfilled.) Conference information and workshop sign up are here:

Design & Emotion Conference: Out of Control

If you’re in London, or want to visit, D&E is a great conference. More on this later.

Vintage Guitar interview

Vintage Guitar, September 2012







Happy to be interviewed alongside ZZ Top’ s Billy Gibbons in an article by Michael Dregni in the September issue of Vintage Guitar magazine. The article discusses the early use of guitar effects – specifically, tremolo circuits and devices, which date back to the 1940s. I received the designation “historian” (apparently, for being able to supply more than enough information about the topic.)

Hey Moe, look! “One Fix for Healthcare” article at Fast Company









An article I wrote for Fast Company, “One Fix For Health Care,” is now online (click here) – discussing pharmacies, design, drug compliance, and dope slaps.

Thanks Belinda Lanks at Fast Company, and for help with the content, thanks Mark Jones and Tim Brown at IDEO, and Jeff Hirsch, Leah Waitekus and Josh Tsai for sharing their design research project at Syracuse University with me.